Outdoor Poe Switch Qb2082spg-120


QB2082SGPE-120 is an outdoor PoE switch. It is integrated of PoE switch, optical fiber tray, air breaker, lightning
arrester etc. It has IP55 protection grade, can be for outdoor using.
It can be applied for surveillance monitoring, forest monitoring, etc.

• AC220V mains power input, 120W DC52V power module inside.
• With 8*10/100M PoE downlink ports and 2*1000M SFP uplink ports.
• The maximum PoE power of single port is 30W, and the maximum PoE power of the whole machine is 115W.
• Provides three modes of VLAN to adapt to various complex environments.
• Supports PoE Auto-check function, which is specially designed to solve the problems of equipment frozen. It can automatically detect the frozen PD equipment and restart the ports’ output of PSE, and restart the PD device. It greatly reduces the maintenance difficulty of engineering.
• 6KV surge protection, 6KV contact / 8KV air ESD protection.
• The box adopts waterproof (protection level IP55), anti-rust treatment, suitable for long time outdoor use.



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